Letter from a grouchy 8 year old

I HATE my sister’s hearing aids.  

When she first got them, I made a plan to take them when no-one was looking and chuck them in the pond. But Mum said they cost sooooooo much money  - I knew I would get in too much trouble. Sometimes when my sister takes them out to have her bath, I open the drawer and be cross at them.  

They are a bit magic but they are really really ugly. They are a funny light brown colour, the same like old people have. They make her ears stick out, especially when we wear our headbands. They have little dials on them and I want to play with them so much. But Mum caught me trying fix them with a screwdriver like the man at the hospital and she got super mad.  

Everyone made such a fuss when she got her hearing aids, and went on and on about all the things she can hear now, like birds. They were crying and stuff. When she doesn’t want to hear something or talk to me she just turns them off. When we argue she puts her hands over her ears and her hearing aids make the yuckiest sound, like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! She can’t hear it but I can. I will always hate that sound for my whole life.  

Other people are starting to understand when she talks now. I could always understand what she was saying. I liked telling people what she was saying, and then explaining to her what they were saying. It made me feel important! I still have to explain to her what people are saying on TV or on the radio though. And she can't tell if the radio in the car isn’t on the station properly and makes a hcccchhhhh sound. 

She has to go to the hospital a lot. They make new moulds and she gets to play lots of games. I want to do the games but they always say they’re “her special listening games”. I got to make a bouncy ball out of the funny yellow stuff they squirt in her ears once, that was cool. Mum always takes her to speech therapy and Dad takes me to sport. I wish Mum would come with me sometimes.  

She is happier now that she has her hearing aids, and she can play with us more. I guess they are ok. But I still open the drawer and make a mean face at them sometimes.  

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