• Talk Town: the crowdfunding Campaign

    Talk Town is a digital game which will be revolutionary for young deaf people. Designed and built by Zoe Hector (nee Haws), the game will help to build social and self-advocacy skills.


    Through playing the game, users will gain valuable skills that will help them to connect with their local communities - and, importantly, reduce feelings of social isolation. 100% of monies raised will directly pay for the illustration and animation of the final scenes, and publishing fees to make the game available.


    During her time as a teacher aide, Zoe saw deaf children left out of playground games and conversations because they found it difficult to read social cues and form connections. Because many deaf children attend mainstream schooling, social isolation is inadvertently often perpetuated due to these social cues and misunderstanding - something that Talk Town aims to change.


    In Talk Town, players will create a character that wears the same devices and communicates like them. They then follow through everyday situations (such as ordering lunch or clarifying instructions), allowing them to practice communicating and engaging with others. The game is fun, child-led and fully accessible - aiming to help deaf children feel more empowered.


    Zoe decided to train as an audiologist; motivated by her experience growing up with a deaf sibling and her desire to make a tangible difference to people’s lives. She has completed her Masters of Audiology in 2018, after working for several years as a researcher in developmental psychology and Deaf studies. She is uniquely positioned to make Talk Town a reality for deaf children around the world.


    Talk Town won the 2017 Entre $85K Start Up Challenge and went on to win the Social Enterprise Kick Start category in the 2018 BNZ Start Up Alley, and has been described as “desperately needed” and a “resource that will change lives” by parents and teachers alike.


    The PledgeMe Crowdfunding campaign will raise the funds required to make Talk Town a reality - help us bring this game to life, to better help deaf children be included in playgrounds across the world.