• Who created talk town?

    Innovative professionals

    Zoë - Mayor

    Deaf kids are in my DNA

    My name is Zoë. I grew up with a deaf sibling - but didn't realise how much this influenced me until I went to university to study psychology. My undergraduate degrees had a strong emphasis on child development and psycholinguistics.


    I also studied NZSL. This lead to a student job as a teacher aide for Deaf children, and after graduation, as a researcher in universities in New Zealand and abroad. At the Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Center, I ran the UK stream of an international study on Theory of Mind development in deaf toddlers.


    I currently work as an audiologist, where I get to utilise cutting edge technology and counseling skills to improve people's quality of life. I continue to provide volunteer support to deaf youth organisations, and hope to combine clinical work with PhD study in the future.


    To find out more about my 'why', check out my interview with Steve Moe on the seeds podcast series.


    Rosie - Fire Chief

    Communication is key

    Hi I'm Rosie. I'm a Speech and Language Therapist, and have worked in Deaf Education for 7 years. I am a New Zealand Sign Language user, and am passionate about promoting the language and empowering Deaf/HoH learners to become confident, healthy members of their communities - with a strong sense of identity.


    I joined the Talk Town project because there is a real lack of resources currently available to support parents and professionals to develop their Deaf/HoH kid's social and self-advocacy skills. It's fun to create new and innovative solutions to real world problems.



    Talk Town Ltd.

    A social enterprise to improve outcomes for deaf kids

    In order to manage the prizes and grant monies we have received, we formed Talk Town Ltd - a social enterprise. We enjoy being part of the thriving social enterprise ecosystem in Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand.


    So far, 100% of our monies have gone into developing the game. We are currently exploring potential partnerships and opportunities to ensure that Talk Town Ltd. is sustainable, and Talk Town is available to as many deaf kids as possible. We hope this is the first of many innovative resources we create to help improve outcomes for deaf kids.

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