• Who is making talk town?

    Zoë - Mayor of Talk Town

    Deaf kids are in my DNA

    My name is Zoë. I grew up with a deaf sibling - but didn't realise how much this influenced me until I went to university to study psychology. My undergraduate degrees had a strong emphasis on child development and psycholinguistics.


    I also studied NZSL. This lead to a student job as a teacher aide for Deaf children, and after graduation, as a researcher in universities in New Zealand and abroad. At the Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre, I ran the UK stream of an international study on Theory of Mind development in deaf toddlers.


    I'm about to graduate as a clinical audiologist - my dream career - where I'll get to utilise cutting edge technology and counseling skills to improve people's quality of life. I continue to provide volunteer communication support to deaf youth organisations, and hope to combine clinical work with PhD study in the future.


    I have a mild hearing loss and am a bit gutted my favourite hearing aids don't come in bright purple.

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